A carefully curated collection of furniture and homeware that compliments the  s h e d + d  offering. It is contemporary and honest in its response to a new way of living. Uncompromising in its approach to ergonomics coupled with the optimization of space as the thread that weaves its way through the  s h e d + d  philosophy. Compose your space with a selection of pieces that are not only functional / multi-functional, but through the intrinsic beauty of measured design and care of craftsmanship… lift your spirit.

Every now and then something stops you in your tracks and gives you pause for thought. It could be a chair, a building, a tea cup – but something about it just feels right. No need for an explanation or a rationale, your new found friend speaks for itself in a language that exudes a design confidence founded in an understanding of what is good design and a passion to go beyond and be truly exceptional.

+ d  celebrates the truly exceptional by showcasing a range of products and their designers as an essential part of our rich South African design dialogue.

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