verb [sheds, shedding, shed]
discard something outdated, superfluous, unwanted

philosophy _

s h e d + d  re-visits residential design and re-imagines an approach that is relevant to essential living on today’s terms.

it is a blank canvas _ starting anew, rather than placing yet another flimsy overlay on outdated design thinking…designing with intent for intentional living. 

It is a refuge from the noise, a time to re-calibrate _ living pared down to its essence _ not so much a case of less is more, but rather a desire to do more with less.

it is integrity in its contribution to the ongoing design discourse of our beautiful land _ an honesty in the materials we live with and the art of memorable space making – together, they will forever shape our psyche.

It is a deep breath at a time we need it most.

_ style is to see beauty in simple things

values _

s h e d + d  is born out of a passion for design in an ever changing design landscape and is a response for the need of architectural and design solutions to the questions that are asked of us.

style is no point of departure, nor the excesses of conspicuous consumption, but  s h e d + d  looks to the essence of responsible design in arriving at its range of products and interventions.

essentially driven by function but ever cogniscent of the unwritten rules that give us pause for thought as we subconsciously find an understated beauty that sits comfortably with us
proportion | scale | massing | composition

more now than ever before our space and what we surround ourselves with is driven by the functions that shape our daily activities – gratuitous design is vanity. Not so much a case of less is more, but rather a desire to do more with less

an appropriate response to the contextual clues makes for a design of integrity and relevance
situation | climate | lifestyle | aspiration

least we forget…a designers responsibility is first and foremost to the community at large and the building of community values by way of considered intervention
relevance is most apparent in responsible design solutions that not only promote sustainability but make a meaningful contribution to this critical global discourse at every level
failure to embrace the technology of the day in all its guises is surely an opportunity missed – an opportunity for ease of living, security and peace of mind


shedd is the initiative and ongoing work of architect Graham Rodger who’s 30 years of iterative involvement in the fields of architecture, property development and product design has brought him to this point – a fork in the road if you will. 

A time for re-calibration and dedication to an exciting new chapter of design integrity and optimism for a meaningful design discourse going forward 

shed + d  community_

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